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Westfield National Car Clubs 

There is no doubt that you don't just own a Westfield. Whether you toil away in your garage building your own sportscar, or you buy a one ready done, there is a whole world of fun to be had from it when you hit the road.  There are country wide clubs with masses of support and events, as well as local groups for trips to the local sites. We cannot recommend joining one or more of the groups. They will help you get the most out of your Westfield ownership!

Westfield Sports Car Club UK


Westfield Sports Car Club France


Westfield Facebook Groups

Westfield Cars

The factory Facebook group. Full of information about what we are up to, developments on the products and spare parts


Westfield XI

The Westfield Eleven Enthusiasts Group is open to those who either have or are interested in building an XI. 


Bought not built

A group dedicated to those who have built either brand new turn key cars or second hand cars. Full of useful owner information


Westfield Social

Run by the Westfield Sports Car Club this group is full of activities and outings for Westfield Owners. Technical information through their forum.


Speed Series

Part of the WSCC this group is for those interested in the Westfield Sprint and Hillclimb Series. Also has lots of track day information 


Black Country Area

Part of the WSCC the 'Black Country Area' are an enthusiastic group based around the 'Old Westfield' area in the West Midlands


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