Westfield NT-1

New drivetrain, updated body styling and interior

The updated Westfield Sport

All the exciting news from the factory as we develop what will be the most complete Westfield to hit the road! 
Why are we continuing to develop the Westfield Sport?

Westfield have always built a market leading kit-car. For 30 years the Sport has been developed and perfected not only by the factory, but by the army of enthusiastic owners and supporting companies world-wide. 

Legislation has pushed major manufacturers down a very specific development route for their drive trains, making them heavy, low revving and very complex. None of these attributes work well in a stripped back sports car that weighs less than 750kgs.

Our goals for the Sport's re-design. Keep it light, with an engaging, sonorous engine and improve the quality and finish of our car so it is truly market leading. 

Development Blog - Latest News

Westfield's new power plant

We are delighted to have partnered with a leading race-engine manufacturer to design and  develop Westfield's first purpose built engine range. Based on a 2.0 litre 4-cylinder engine it will be high revving and naturally aspirated. 

Initially it will be available in three power outputs ranging between 170 bhp and 250 bhp. We are also discussing a range topping, boosted engine, likely to be launched in mid-2024

Development Timeline

Design Brief
  • New naturally aspirated power unit
  • Improved body work to aid cooling and look better!
  • Bring the interior up to date including dash and switchgear
  • Standardise model nomenclature for clearer range 
Feb. 2023
Engine Development

Development of a new, naturally aspirated engine has started. It will be available in 3 power outputs, with the top spec revving to 9,000 RPM and producing circa 250 BHP

June 2023
Drive Train Integration

We will be fitting the new engine to the Mazda 5-speed gearbox and diff and packaging it in a mule chassis

July 2023
Chassis Development

A new chassis: Combining all the best traits of classic Westfield design with improved rigidity and suspension geometry

Sept. 2023
Body and Trim

Update body styling, improve cooling and re-design interior trim and switch gear to bring the new car up to date

Nov. 2023
Prototype Build

We will be building our prototype car over the winter of 2023

Feb. 2024
Demo Builds and Documentation

Early in 2024 we will be building our demo fleet, completing the build books and getting the car ready for production

April. 2024
Production Begins

First customer orders will be fulfilled.

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