Westfield XI 2024

Improving a Westfield original

Although low-volume the XI was the founding model in the Westfield Sportscars Range and with the help of our owners club we aim to make it the very best 50s component car available.
Why are we developing the Westfield XI kit?

It would be fair to say that the Westfield XI has stayed 'authentic' to its original design and is the most difficult car in the range to build because of it! The low volume nature of the kit has meant there hasn't been any factory improvements for decades. 

Despite this there is a world-wide and very enthusiastic following for the car. Westfield Chesil has been delighted to be able to have worked constructively with the XI Owners Club to draw on all their knowledge, so we can make improvements to the kit. We aim to:


Improve manufacturing tolerances 


Make a more robust set of fiberglass panels for road use


Make 'modern additions' such as brake kits, 5-speed gearboxes a better fit.

Build and IVA

Improve the build manual and factory support for IVA

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